SwitchMan USB-COMBO - Raritan Analog KVM Switch

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Detail SwitchMan USB-COMBO - Raritan Analog KVM Switch

Raritan' s SwitchMan USB-COMBO allows control of up to 4 USB or PS/ 2 computers from a single USB keyboard, video and USB mouse ( KVM) console. SwitchMan' s built-in USB 2.0 hub allows multiple computers to share USB supported devices such as scanners, digital cameras and printers. Its audio capability lets you share a single microphone and stereo speakers regardless of which computer you connect to.

SwitchMan' s small footprint saves valuable desk space and color-coded connectors and premium cables make installation easy. There is no complicated setup or software to load, just plug in a standard keyboard, mouse and VGA monitor and you are up and running. SwitchMan USB-COMBO supports both PCs and/ or Apple Macs ® , with connectivity via Raritan' s premium KVM cables for the highest video and audio quality

SwitchMan USB-COMBO is available in 2 and 4 port models and can be placed horizontally or vertically on your desktop. SwitchMan USB-COMBO has the same bulletproof reliability as Raritan' s enterprise-class products used in over 50, 000 data centers worldwide.